The idea of writing this e-book came to Pip Whitehouse whilst she is currently recovering from a broken leg. This e-book has three main purposes.

Firstly, to provide you with some simple, on the go recipes for the busy lives we live – ‘I HAVE LITTLE TIME’.

Secondly, to allow you to create delicious share meals – ‘I HAVE SOME TIME TO COOK’.

And thirdly, to provide you with easy, whole food recipes that have little tweaks to make them extra nutritious. For example, adding chia and hemp seeds for healthy fats, using figs with oats to increase iron absorption and using fruit to add sweetness to reduce use of refined sugar.

Within the pages of the e-book, you will find more week-day meals, with some of Pip’s favourite meals like nourish bowls, tacos, curry and arancini.

Pip will be compiling a more detailed, extensive e-book however she is very keen to share a few recipes with you now.

To obtain a complimentary copy of Pip’s e-book complete the details below and click the ‘download’ button.

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