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Benefits of a Skype Consultation

For many people, for a variety of reasons, it is just not possible to attend a face to consultation. To meet this growing demand, Dr Kerith Duncanson is now conducting online consultations using Skype which enable you to receive the full benefits of a face to face consultation but from the comfort of your own home or while you are mobile.

These consultations can address a range of dietary issues, although Kerith has found that a Skype consultation held in conjunction with the Gut Feelings program provides enormous benefits to the program participants.

How to book an appointment

Send Kerith an email indicating your preferred days/times (in your time zone) for an uninterrupted 50 to 60 minute consultation. As Kerith is assisting people from different time zones it will be helpful if you could include your physical location so that she can work out the time difference. Once an appointment time is confirmed, you will be requested to purchase the Skype consultation in our shop which will then confirm that scheduled appointment.

Your first consultation

Prior to your first consultation, Kerith will email you a form that she needs you to complete. This form will address some basic questions about your health and eating habits, along with some basic personal information. The information you provide here will enable Kerith to do some homework before you chat on Skype. The more information you provide, the better prepared she will be for your first consultation.

Once you have returned the form and completed your payment she will contact you via Skype at the agreed time. She will discuss your health concerns, medical conditions and nutrition goals. You will receive personalised nutrition advice in relation to your health and diet. You will also receive written information in relation to your medical condition or diet, as appropriate (for example, a food diary or a summary of the nutrition advice provided over the phone).

Initial consultations are generally 50 to 60 minutes duration and are valued at AUD$150. Payment is required in advance and can be made easily prior to your consultation by credit card, Paypal or direct bank transfer using our shop facility.