This brand new app, developed by Dr Kerith Duncanson, will make your low FODMAP diet trial a whole lot easier. The app was created in response to demand from IBS clients who wanted to quickly know what they could substitute for high FODMAP foods.

The app should ideally be used in conjunction with dietary treatment from an accredited or registered dietitian. Make an appointment here.

The FODMAP swAPP will help you to understand the limits of some ‘moderate’ FODMAP foods. It also teaches you to differentiate between what is high and low FODMAP at everyday portion sizes.

This app uses everyday quantities of foods so it is practical for you to use. This may mean that some foods listed as low FODMAP on other apps are listed as high FODMAP here but only because of the serving size used.

The FODMAP swAPP is guaranteed to become your best friend during your low FODMAP diet trial, and can be downloaded today from any of the usual app stores below.

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Google Play