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Dr Kerith Duncanson
Dr Kerith Duncanson
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Our podcasts with Dr Kerith Duncanson

You can listen to Kerith as she ‘walks the talk’ on some of her favourite early morning coastal walking routes in Newcastle. Her podcasts are growing in popularity as our listeners can access our audio content hands (and eyes) free at a time convenient to them. Whilst our videos and blogs are rich in content, our podcasts can be consumed while performing other tasks, making them easy to schedule into everyday life.

Simply put on your headphones and things like cleaning the house, a long commute, or even cooking a meal can become a learning experience – with Kerith’s friendly voice in your ear.  You can listen to intelligent content while stuck in traffic, at the gym or taking the dog for a walk, and the podcasts will feed the need to learn with the flexibility of being able to listen on the move.

Walk the Talk
The inspiration for Kerith's "walk the talk"

How to listen to Pragmatic Dietetics

We will be adding more podcasts to our Pragmatic Dietetics playlist on a regular basis, with each podcast limited to no more than 7 minutes – to keep them short and sweet (or perhaps savoury)?  

You can subscribe to our podcasts, and share them with family and friends if you have enjoyed them. You are also able to interact with Kerith by asking her questions and/or providing her with some feedback.

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