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$45.00 for 3 months

After a month or so of restricting and challenging, working through the three stages of the Gut Feelings program, you can expect to liberalise your diet but remain symptom free. This is your chance to improve your gut health and actually overcome IBS, not just manage your symptoms. You will receive 12 simple, practical, short explanatory videos outlining how and why to make the suggested dietary changes, along with downloadable resources which cover a multitude of topics relating to gut health that you can use and refer to throughout the Gut Feelings program. Your purchase enables you access to the program and resources for 3 months - which is more than enough time to work through the program a number of times if necessary. Note that all prices are in Australian dollars by default. 


Kerith is now conducting consultations via Skype which enable you to receive the full benefits of a face to face consultation but from the comfort of your own home or while you are mobile. These consultations can address a range of dietary issues, although Kerith has found that a Skype consultation held in conjunction with the Gut Feelings program provides enormous benefits to the program participants. Note that all prices are in Australian dollars by default.