high FODMAP to low FODMAP

The FODMAP content of some high FODMAP foods or ingredients can be changed so that they can be tolerated by people with IBS. Processes such as bacterial fermentation (before the food reaches your own gut!), using lower FODMAP varieties of ingredients, and adding enzymes might all make it easier for your sensitive gut to cope with traditionally high FODMAP foods. Some suggestions are:



  • Use half wheat and half low FODMAP flour (eg. brown rice flour) in baking
  • Use spelt flour which has about half the FODMAP content of regular wheat flour
  • Replace high fructose honey with raw sugar, golden syrup or maple syrup as a sweetener.


Fermenting or adding enzymes

  • Buy or make fermented vegies and fruit so the bacteria “break down” FODMAPs
  • Eat fermented versions of high FODMAP foods such as sourdough bread and tempeh (cultured soy bean)
  • Break down lactose by adding lactase drops to liquid dairy foods (milk, custard, yoghurt) or have a lactase tablet before eating ice cream.


Cooking and draining

  • Soak and cook (really well) and drain legumes before using them, and introduce small amounts only
  • This may also help reduce the FODMAP content of boiled grains such as barley.

Do you have any other ideas of ways to reduce the FODMAP content of foods or cooking ingredients? We’d be interested in your comments and suggestions