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What is SIBO?

There is a LOT of conflicting information on the internet about (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) SIBO, which is very confusing and confronting. SIBO is a clinical syndrome (not a disease or disorder) of GI symptoms (bloating, pain, wind, gas) caused by excess bacteria in the small intestine.


The ‘gold standard’ test for SIBO is counting the number of (culturable) bacteria in the fluid drawn from the small intestine during a gastroscopy. Breath tests are less reliable but can differentiate whether the bacteria are mainly hydrogen-producing or methane-producing, which may influence the choice of antibiotics (if prescribed). Excess methane-producing bacteria is technically called intestinal methanogen overload (IMO) rather than SIBO.

Dietary management of SIBO

This information about testing for SIBO is important if you have been told you have (or think you may suffer from) SIBO, and helps your dietitian to understand which approach to try first and what to offer you as dietary options.

We can also help you understand why you may have been offered certain medical treatments or medications for SIBO, and how these relate to dietary management.

For more detailed information about SIBO see our latest gut health blogs.

How a dietitian can help

Our consulting work with clients complements Dr Kerith Duncanson’s and Dr Georgina Williams’ research in gastrointestinal nutrition and functional gut disorders. Our research knowledge allows us to cut through the confusing, conflicting and overwhelming dietary advice you have been bombarded with. We focus whatever energy and time you have on your ‘best bets’ – what is most likely to work well for you, now and into the future.


Even more importantly, we help you to help  yourself – to food! We can help take the stress and worry out of food decisions by serving up science in healthy, ‘bite-sized’ chunks of relevant, practical advice to help you take control of your health.