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What are eosinophilic gut conditions

Eosinophilic gut conditions or eosinophilic gastrointestinal diseases (EGIDs) occur when the numbers of these white blood cells (EoS for short) are high in a particular part of the gut. Eosinophils are helpful in defence against parasites and allergens but can cause inflammation and tissue damage if they build up too much. EGIDs are medically diagnosed and you can find out more about them here.

EGIDs are a group of rare gastrointestinal (GI) diseases. They affect different parts of the digestive tract, from the eosophagus to the large intestine. Treatment helps manage symptoms, which vary based on where in the GI tract the eosinophils are and how severe the condition is.

Dietary management of eosinophilic gut conditions

Although the data on dietary therapy remain limited, some version of dietary intervention likely has a role in treatment when chosen for highly motivated patients.


Our dietitians have experience supporting clients through specific elimination diets for EGIDs, especially for eosinophilic oesophagitis  (EoE). Depending on what clients tell us about their history, this might be one or more of the common food allergens or a food chemical elimination and challenges. These approaches require careful planning to ensure that nutrient needs and food preferences are still achieved.


Dr Kerith Duncanson has been involved in recent research regarding duodenal eosinophils.

For more detailed information about eosinophilic gut conditions see our latest gut health blogs.

How a dietitian can help

Our consulting work with clients complements Dr Kerith Duncanson’s and Dr Georgina Williams’ research in gastrointestinal nutrition and functional gut disorders. Our research knowledge allows us to cut through the confusing, conflicting and overwhelming dietary advice you have been bombarded with. We focus whatever energy and time you have on your ‘best bets’ – what is most likely to work well for you, now and into the future.


Even more importantly, we help you to help  yourself – to food! We can help take the stress and worry out of food decisions by serving up science in healthy, ‘bite-sized’ chunks of relevant, practical advice to help you take control of your health.