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Our clinical work with clients complements Dr Kerith Duncanson’s and Dr Georgina Williams’ research in gastrointestinal nutrition and functional gut disorders. Our research knowledge allows us to cut through the confusing, conflicting and overwhelming dietary advice you have been bombarded with. We focus whatever energy and time you have on your ‘best bets’ – what is most likely to work well for you, now and into the future.


Even more importantly, we help you to help  yourself – to food! We help take the stress and worry out of food decisions by serving up science in healthy, ‘bite-sized’ chunks of relevant, practical advice to help you take control of your health.

Our most frequently asked questions

How do I make an appointment to see Georgina?

To make appointments to see Dr Georgina Williams, you will need to use our online booking system (buttons below). Georgina is available for face-to-face (Newcastle) and video (zoom) consultations.  She has limited appointments available each week. 

Dr Georgina Williams
Georgina Williams (PhD, APD)

How do I make an appointment to see Kerith?

To make appointments to see Dr Kerith Duncanson, you will need to use our online booking system (buttons below). Kerith is available for face-to-face and video (zoom) consultations. She has limited appointments available each week.  If you cannot find a suitable time, please complete the contact form below to request an alternative time.

How long is an appointment?

A standard initial consultation usually takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes, whilst a standard follow-up consultation is typically 30 to 45 minutes.  Of course, the duration of the consultation will depend on your needs and requirements.

Subsequent appointments will be adjusted in length to meet your individual requirements.

What are the fees?

A referral from your GP or Specialist is not necessary, however, we generally copy  these practitioners into any dietary recommendations that we make. Most private health funds will subsidise consultations with an Accredited Practising Dietitian. Check your health fund for your eligibility.


Fees for  consultations with either Georgina or Kerith for gastro dietetics consultations will apply as follows:

  • $180 for an initial consultation,
  • $120 for a standard follow-up consultation.

Where do you conduct face-to-face consultations?

For gastro dietetic appointments, we are located at:

Newcastle Gastroenterology

Suite 6, 3 Hopetoun Street

Charlestown NSW 2290.


We also provide face-to-face appointments with other dietitians from our team at various locations on the NSW mid north coast – if you have a suitable referral from your GP. Click here for more information and bookings.


We would love to hear from you if you have any questions for one of our gastro dietitians or just questions in general.


Phone – 1300 652 620

Fax – 1300 654 885