Food satiation, food satiety and food satisfaction – not all the same thing

Satiation or Satiety

These three words sound similar but they have very different roles in appetite management. Satiation is how much a food or meal fills you up immediately after eating, satiety is how long it keep you feeling full and satisfaction is how well that food or meal satisfied you from an enjoyment perspective. Here are some […]

Managing the “Munchies”

Managing the Munchies

A conundrum of embarking on a ‘health kick’ that involves curbing eating while increasing physical activity is that you get hungry, really hungry, hungry enough to get hangry! A brisk morning walk can make you noticeably hungrier by mid-morning and something like swimming – absolutely ravenous. Ironically, burning those extra calories can make it more […]

A ‘portfolio’ of dietary strategies to manage cholesterol

Portfolio Approach

You might recall several years ago, a huge media outcry about some of the side effects of cholesterol lowering medications? Like many dietitians, I followed the debate that arose from a television program with interest, and did my best to support each client in the dietary management of their cholesterol in the way that suited […]

Our updated online IBS management program – Gut Feelings

Gut Feelings IBS

Updated resources and unlimited access to all 3 stages for only $45AUD In our recently updated online IBS program, you will receive 12 simple, practical, short explanatory videos outlining how and why to make the suggested dietary changes. You will also receive downloadable resources which cover a multitude of topics relating to gut health that […]