New to Newcastle – Help Yourself

Merewether NSW

Although new to Newcastle, Help Yourself Nutrition and Dietetics has been providing health and wellness services across the Mid North Coast for 20 years. Owned and operated by Dietitian Dr Kerith Duncanson and her partner, Exercise Physiologist Rick Naylor, Help Yourself is acknowledged by clients and other health professionals for the provision of pragmatic yet […]

Not everyone has ’green thumbs’

Green Thumbs
Garden Envy Motivated by my neighbours’ incredible vegetable garden (image above), I started the year by trying my hand at a vegetable garden. I have done this before many times with much initial enthusiasm but to be honest, a very poor track record. Despite coming from a family with a long ‘grow your own vegies’ [...]

2018 – The year of environmentally friendly health and nutrition

New Year 2018
Individual goals for a New Year such as resolving to ‘lose weight’ or ‘get fit’ are perfectly understandable and admirable, especially if they last well into the New Year! I wonder though, what would happen if we all tried to do things that help others and our environment instead? Might that be more rewarding? Might [...]



It is the festive season, and overdressing to encourage and complement the festivities is to be expected. More vibrant colours, bling and glitter than any other time of the year, and fair enough. Our attire justifiably matches Christmas decorations and the general celebratory air of Christmas. But surely ‘over-dressing’ does not have to be applied […]