Are Dietitians ‘Pro’ Pro Biotics?

Should I take probiotics? Are dietitians ‘pro’ probiotics? We see it in magazines, on social media and hear it among our friends and family that certain food contains ‘prebiotics’ or ‘probiotics’, or 50 billion trillion CFUs …… all sounds very impressive, and very, very scientific…but what do all these terms mean for your gut and […]

You don’t have to be a ‘Game Changer’ to ‘change your game’

Plant Based diets
Game Changer? Dietitians have been advocating plant-based eating for decades. So why did it take a documentary like "The Game Changers" to create a hype around plant-based diets? Lets take a look at the secret recipe behind its popularity, and what that looks like now, post COVID – now that ‘the game’ has really changed. [...]

Cracking Open the Myth Behind Coconut Oil, Weight Loss & Wellbeing

A client once told me that she was eating a tablespoon of coconut oil twice a day, having read that it helps with weight loss and was good for her health. Whilst almost gagging at the thought of swallowing a hard, wax-like, blob of coconut oil, I thought – If she thinks that this is […]

Food satiation, food satiety and food satisfaction – not all the same thing

Satiation or Satiety

These three words sound similar but they have very different roles in appetite management. Satiation is how much a food or meal fills you up immediately after eating, satiety is how long it keep you feeling full and satisfaction is how well that food or meal satisfied you from an enjoyment perspective. Here are some […]

Managing the “Munchies”

Managing the Munchies

A conundrum of embarking on a ‘health kick’ that involves curbing eating while increasing physical activity is that you get hungry, really hungry, hungry enough to get hangry! A brisk morning walk can make you noticeably hungrier by mid-morning and something like swimming – absolutely ravenous. Ironically, burning those extra calories can make it more […]