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has your gut changed since having children

Has your gut changed since having children?

Does having children cause bloating or the “trots”? Has your gut changed since having children? Do you experience more diarrhoea, constipation or bloating? Sounds like IBS, but why does it...

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Can gelatin heal your gut?

Book now for a video consultation Gut healing properties of gelatin? In light of increasing social and general media hype about the gut-healing properties of gelatin (or gelatine, depending where...

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non-coeliac gluten sensitivity

Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity

Differences between coeliac disease, non coeliac gluten sensitivity and IBS. Gluten is a much-debated scientific topic that causes confusion in the health and wellness sectors and is the subject of...

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top 10 steps to gut health

The Top 10 Steps to Gut Health

‘Gut health’ is hot topic in food and nutrition This is evidenced by the vast array of probiotic and fermented foods advertised and on supermarket shelves. The more we learn...

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does gluten free mean low FODMAP

Does Gluten Free mean low FODMAP?

Unsuspecting IBS sufferers need to be aware that many gluten-free foods are full of FODMAPs Some gluten-free grains are low in FODMAPs, but people need to be aware that many...

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leaky gut

Do I have ‘leaky gut’?

What is ‘leaky gut’? ‘Leaky gut’ is known as reduced intestinal barrier function in the gut research world and is a symptom of many conditions rather than a condition in...

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why can't I eat wheat

Why can’t I eat wheat?

How often have you heard people say that they are intolerant to wheat? You may have even wondered this yourself. Wheat may appear to be a very simple food however...

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