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Gut health dietetics – making dietary change possible is what we do

For the love of good food and healthy approaches to eating

As our name implies, at Help Yourself Nutrition and Dietetics we are all about helping you to set and strive towards your food and nutrition goals. Even more important to us is the other type of helping yourself – to food! Our gut health dietitians help you take charge of your health by serving up science in healthy, ‘bite sized’ chunks.

By cutting through the overwhelming food, diet and nutrition information that has confused you for so long, we help you focus whatever energy and time you have on your ‘best bets’ – what is most likely to work well for you, now and into the future.

Whatever dietary changes you need, from gut health and wellbeing to complex elimination diets, we offer personally tailored, down-to-earth dietary advice led by Dr Kerith Duncanson.

Kerith has been involved in academic research and is the author of various peer-reviewed publications and book chapters. She is also the published author of a book titled “Licence to Eat”. Kerith is available for a limited number of telehealth consultations (video or phone).

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