How can a gastro dietitian help you?

gut health dietitians

In this post, we are going to share our approaches as a gut health dietitian to supporting our clients in finding out what is really going on with their gut and demonstrate how a team approach and some good dietetic detective work can be needed to ‘get to the bottom’ of gut pain. A great […]

The Top 10 Steps to Gut Health

top 10 steps to gut health

‘Gut health’ is hot topic in food and nutrition This is evidenced by the vast array of probiotic and fermented foods advertised and on supermarket shelves. The more we learn about the wonders of our gut microbiota and it’s effect on things like our digestion and mood, the more we will see these types of […]

Do I have ‘leaky gut’?

leaky gut

What is ‘leaky gut’? ‘Leaky gut’ is known as reduced intestinal barrier function in the gut research world and is a symptom of many conditions rather than a condition in its own right. The symptoms vary depending on the condition it is associated with, so if you are reading something that says “the symptoms of […]

Why can’t I eat wheat?

why can't I eat wheat

How often have you heard people say that they are intolerant to wheat? You may have even wondered this yourself. Wheat may appear to be a very simple food however it actually contains a complex combination of nutrients and micronutrients. For most people, if they are intolerant to wheat it can either be attributed to […]

Decreasing Gut Sensitivity in Children

gut sensitivity

How to address gut sensitivity with your child In an earlier blog, we covered off on the early life and sensory factors that could increase the likelihood of some children having sensory issues with foods that are related to gut sensitivity. In this post, we focus on some of the ways to address gut sensitivity […]

Children and Sensory Gut Issues

sensory gut issues

Trialling dietary changes with children who have digestive issues, abdominal pain or sensory issues This may well be as traumatic for parents as it is for the children themselves. Understandably, most have attempted dietary approaches such as the GAPS diet or cutting out food additives. My experience in supporting parents to implement a dietary trial […]

Satisfaction, Satiation & Satiety – what’s the difference?

satisfaction satiation satiety

The ‘hunger buster’ trifecta – food satisfaction, satiation and satiety. Why is it that you might have eaten enough food to curb your hunger, but your head is not satisfied? You may have had a ‘healthy’ meal and resisted a sweet treat after dinner. You may have then had some fruit or yoghurt – but […]

Iron and a Plant Based Diet

iron plant based diet

Can you get all the iron you need from green leafy vegetables? Sitting down to a cup of tea with a friend the other day, she asked, “Is it true that you can get all the iron you need from green leafy vegetables”. My reply? “Yes, technically you can, but 8 cups of spinach a […]

What are superfoods?


Superfoods or Supernutrients We often hear the term superfoods, but what are the things about these foods that make them so super? It is more likely the nutrients they contain – so in this article I am coining the term “supernutrients”. A substance that provides nourishment for growth or metabolism in human beings is called […]