How can a gastro dietitian help you?

gut health dietitians

In this post, we are going to share our approaches as a gut health dietitian to supporting our clients in finding out what is really going on with their gut and demonstrate how a team approach and some good dietetic detective work can be needed to ‘get to the bottom’ of gut pain. A great […]

Coffee and IBS

coffee IBS

Over recent months I have noticed that coffee drinking IBS clients tend to respond well but not completely to a low FODMAP diet. I do not ask clients to cut out coffee in the elimination stage of the low FODMAP diet because it doesn’t affect everyone and I don’t want clients to cut out more […]

Fibre choices for IBS

fibre IBS

A recently published review on dietary fibre and FODMAP-restricted diet in the management of constipation and irritable bowel syndrome has reminded me of how far dietary management of IBS has come in the past ten years.    Traditionally, people with constipation related IBS (IBS-C) were advised to increase dietary fibre intake to alleviate symptoms, but […]