Why do I have IBS?

why do I have IBS

IBS sufferers often ask “Why do I have IBS?” or “Why now?” when trying to find out how their IBS started. So let’s piece together that puzzle, looking at the probable and possible causes of IBS.  The first point to consider when you think about all these factors is that IBS is what is termed […]

What’s the difference between fructose and other sugars?

fructose and other sugars

FRUCTOSE is blamed as being glucose’s evil cousin, the cause of the pandemic of obesity and it’s resulting chronic disease risk factors. Reflecting on the history of fructose in the human diet and food it seems to have been a “perfect sugar storm”. Fructose a new player Humans have not historically had to process much fructose […]

Probiotics – What’s best for IBS?

Probiotics IBS

What are probiotics? Probiotics are tiny living organisms that have been scientifically proven to benefit your health. They are usually bacteria, but may be yeasts or other microscopic critters. They can be similar to the “good” bacteria already in your body, particularly those in your gut. The most common probiotic bacteria are from the Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium […]