How can a gastro dietitian help you?

gut health dietitians

In this post, we are going to share our approaches as a gut health dietitian to supporting our clients in finding out what is really going on with their gut and demonstrate how a team approach and some good dietetic detective work can be needed to ‘get to the bottom’ of gut pain. A great […]

The Top 10 Steps to Gut Health

top 10 steps to gut health

‘Gut health’ is hot topic in food and nutrition This is evidenced by the vast array of probiotic and fermented foods advertised and on supermarket shelves. The more we learn about the wonders of our gut microbiota and it’s effect on things like our digestion and mood, the more we will see these types of […]

A Guide to Healthy Bowels

a guide to healthy bowels

What does it mean to be ‘regular’ and what do healthy bowels look like?  Many of us don’t really know what a normal bowel motion is. We may worry that perhaps our bowel motions are too runny, or too hard? Perhaps we are going too often, or maybe not at all. People often assume that […]