Fibre Supplements

fibre supplements

Matching fibre supplements to your gut health and symptoms We have come a long way since fibre supplementation meant adding bran to your morning cereal! Investigating which fibre supplements would be most suitable for a gut health study recently, I realised just how confusing it must be for people who are aiming to maintain or […]

Can diet cause IBS?

can diet cause IBS

Some dietary factors can make IBS more likely and some can make the symptoms worse While this does not mean that diet is a cause of IBS, it is worth summarising the dietary factors that impact on IBS because its’ not all about FODMAPs and not about gluten at all! Some of the clients who […]

Fibre choices for IBS

fibre IBS

A recently published review on dietary fibre and FODMAP-restricted diet in the management of constipation and irritable bowel syndrome has reminded me of how far dietary management of IBS has come in the past ten years.    Traditionally, people with constipation related IBS (IBS-C) were advised to increase dietary fibre intake to alleviate symptoms, but […]