How to gain weight on a low FODMAP diet?

how to gain weight FODMAP

Do you wish you could put on just a few kilos – or at the very least keep your weight stable – but find it very difficult whilst also managing and monitoring FODMAPs? In a world fixated on weight loss it can be hard to find good quality information on how to gain weight, healthily. […]

How to lose weight on a low FODMAP diet?

lose weight FODMAP

Yes, it is possible. If you think about it, trying to lose weight (by reducing calorie intake) while commencing a low FODMAP diet trial makes perfect sense. You will be limiting your range of foods to a certain extent due to the limited range of foods in each food group that are low in FODMAPs. […]

Fibre choices for IBS

fibre IBS

A recently published review on dietary fibre and FODMAP-restricted diet in the management of constipation and irritable bowel syndrome has reminded me of how far dietary management of IBS has come in the past ten years.    Traditionally, people with constipation related IBS (IBS-C) were advised to increase dietary fibre intake to alleviate symptoms, but […]