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Gut Feelings

Our 3 stage Gut Feelings program represents a proven treatment plan for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Together, the 3 stages form a step-by-step online process to treat diarrhea, constipation and bloating, and manage your IBS in precise detail. They show you exactly what to do every step of the way, right down to which foods to eat when and why.

Stage 1 – Low FODMAP Fortnight

Here you will access to a set of 6 simple, practical, short explanatory videos which outline how and why to make the suggested dietary changes, along with downloadable resources to complement each video. Resources include a food and symptom diary, low and high FODMAP food list, weekly meal plans, a shopping guide, recipe modification resource and the Low FODMAP Fortnight checklist. You can now also download our FODMAP SWAPP application from iTunes, Google Play or Amazon to help you swap the high FODMAP foods with lower FODMAP alternatives.

Stage 2 – FODMAP Challenge

You will access 3 short, explanatory videos which talk you through the information you need to complete the challenges correctly. These videos are supported by downloadable resources that you can use to refer to throughout the challenge stage. Resources include the challenge food list, food and symptom diary, and “where to from here” resource to help you transition to the FODMAP Threshold stage.

Stage 3 – FODMAP Threshold

You will have access to 3 short, motivating explanatory videos and supporting downloadable resources that cover a multitude of topics that relate to gut health. Topics include:  how to improve your gut bacteria using prebiotics and probiotics; stress management and physical activity.



Will the Gut Feelings program work for me?

We are confident that our holistic approach will work for you. The Gut Feelings program is not just another diet plan – it provides all the information, tools and coaching you need to feel better now and also to keep you in the best of health over the long term. The Gut Feelings program helps you treat and manage IBS or IBS related symptoms. Most importantly this program is all about you – about how you feel now and how you want to feel in the future.

How do I start?

Start by signing up for the Gut Feelings program today.  The three stages in the program provide a “one stop shop” for quality, proven but practical advice to start you on the right track. So if you have been struggling with IBS then the Gut Feelings program is where you need to be. Once you sign up, you will have 3 months access to the Gut Feelings program but be reassured that most people find they can fully complete all the activities in less than 2 months.

Who developed and runs this program?

The Gut Feelings program has been developed by Dr Kerith Duncanson, who has been an Accredited Practising Dietitian and full member of Dietitians Association of Australian for more than 25 years. She has a PhD in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Newcastle, a Bachelor of Science (ANU) and a Graduate Diploma Nutrition and Dietetics (University of Sydney). Kerith has been involved in academic research and is the author of various peer-reviewed publications and book chapters. She is also the published author of a book titled “Licence to Eat”. Kerith is supported in managing and resourcing the Gut Feelings program by Rick Naylor, who has a Masters in Clinical Science (Southern Cross University).

Why does the Gut Feelings program last for only 3 months?

Well, actually it doesn’t. We expect most people will successfully get through all three stages well inside 2 months. We have just set a time limit of 3 months for the program  to help ensure that people don’t procrastinate and put these lifestyle changes on the back-burner.