Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity

non-coeliac gluten sensitivity

Differences between coeliac disease, non coeliac gluten sensitivity and IBS. Gluten is a much-debated scientific topic that causes confusion in the health and wellness sectors and is the subject of misleading information in the food industry. We now know that there is a spectrum of responses to gluten beyond coeliac disease. But it is challenging […]

Does Gluten Free mean low FODMAP?

does gluten free mean low FODMAP

Unsuspecting IBS sufferers need to be aware that many gluten-free foods are full of FODMAPs Some gluten-free grains are low in FODMAPs, but people need to be aware that many gluten-free foods are full of FODMAPs. A dietitian can help you to navigate the maze of gluten-free vs low FODMAP options. Out of interest, I have […]

Which diet is harder – Gluten free or low FODMAP?

Low FODMAP vs Gluten Free

Gluten free or low FODMAP – which is harder to follow? We had a lovely couple stay with us recently, one of whom has coeliac disease and one who suffers with irritable bowel syndrome. I bought gluten free stock but it contained onion and garlic (high FODMAP). I bought rice noodles but on closer inspection they […]