The Top 10 Steps to Gut Health

top 10 steps to gut health

‘Gut health’ is hot topic in food and nutrition This is evidenced by the vast array of probiotic and fermented foods advertised and on supermarket shelves. The more we learn about the wonders of our gut microbiota and it’s effect on things like our digestion and mood, the more we will see these types of […]

Does Gluten Free mean low FODMAP?

does gluten free mean low FODMAP

Unsuspecting IBS sufferers need to be aware that many gluten-free foods are full of FODMAPs Some gluten-free grains are low in FODMAPs, but people need to be aware that many gluten-free foods are full of FODMAPs. A dietitian can help you to navigate the maze of gluten-free vs low FODMAP options. Out of interest, I have […]

Why can’t I eat wheat?

why can't I eat wheat

How often have you heard people say that they are intolerant to wheat? You may have even wondered this yourself. Wheat may appear to be a very simple food however it actually contains a complex combination of nutrients and micronutrients. For most people, if they are intolerant to wheat it can either be attributed to […]

How to find your FODMAP threshold?

Up or Down Arrows

How does a ‘top down’ approach to finding your FODMAP threshold compare with the usual low FODMAP approach? We know that cutting out FODMAPS when trying to keep the windy consequences of nasty gut bacteria under control can actually be risky in terms of wiping out helpful gut bacteria.   So is there a way […]

Which diet is harder – Gluten free or low FODMAP?

Low FODMAP vs Gluten Free

Gluten free or low FODMAP – which is harder to follow? We had a lovely couple stay with us recently, one of whom has coeliac disease and one who suffers with irritable bowel syndrome. I bought gluten free stock but it contained onion and garlic (high FODMAP). I bought rice noodles but on closer inspection they […]

FODMAPs in the festive season

FODMAPS at xmas

Monitoring and managing FODMAPs in the festive season is not really fair! The majority of people who are modifying their diet for health reasons can afford to be a “bit naughty” at this time of year and feel no ill effects, other than on the waist line. Someone with IBS who is a “bit naughty” […]


high FODMAP to low FODMAP

The FODMAP content of some high FODMAP foods or ingredients can be changed so that they can be tolerated by people with IBS. Processes such as bacterial fermentation (before the food reaches your own gut!), using lower FODMAP varieties of ingredients, and adding enzymes might all make it easier for your sensitive gut to cope […]

How to gain weight on a low FODMAP diet?

how to gain weight FODMAP

Do you wish you could put on just a few kilos – or at the very least keep your weight stable – but find it very difficult whilst also managing and monitoring FODMAPs? In a world fixated on weight loss it can be hard to find good quality information on how to gain weight, healthily. […]

How to lose weight on a low FODMAP diet?

lose weight FODMAP

Yes, it is possible. If you think about it, trying to lose weight (by reducing calorie intake) while commencing a low FODMAP diet trial makes perfect sense. You will be limiting your range of foods to a certain extent due to the limited range of foods in each food group that are low in FODMAPs. […]